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Avoid formation of pilling of metals and metal landfills. Make an effort to save the environment by recycling the scrap metals.

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A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers

Global warming is growing as a burning issue. The emission of greenhouse gases and overuse of natural resources is taking a toll on environmental health. The efficient use of natural resources is one of the best ways to act against global warming and environmental pollution. And for that, reusing and recycling the goods we already have is the way to move forward. So to act for the cause, A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers was founded.

We have been providing scrap metal recycling and metallic junk management services in Australia for quite a while now. We buy scrap metals of all kinds. Be it a Ferrous metal like Iron and Steel nor the non-ferrous metal like Copper, Brass, and Aluminum, you will only get the best scrap metal prices while working with us. And we are the scrap metal dealers that offer cash for scrap metal on the spot.

A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers is Australia’s leading scrap metal buyers. We are the registered scrap metal removal company, which pays a good deal of money while buying your metal garbage. When it comes to paying cash for scrap metal, we always outpay our competitors by a huge margin. On top of that, we are offering a free scrap removal service in which we come to your doorstep to pick up your metal junk.

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As metals are sturdy, ductile, have good thermal, and sometimes good electrical conductivity, they have a wide scope of use. And as metals can acquire hybrid features of multiple metals after alloying, the use of metals is boundless. From kitchen cutleries to large tools and machinery, metals are being used extensively. But despite these impressive properties, metals get bent, disfigured, and broken at times. And because of this, the metals turn into scrap in no time.

The primary objective of A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers is to aid in the efficient use of natural resources and to act against global warming. So irrespective of the age and condition, we have a penchant for accepting all kinds of scrap metals. Similarly, we are not finicky about the type of metals. Be it a ferrous (iron-containing) scrap metals or non-ferrous ones, we readily accept them at our depot. The following is the list of scrap metals that we buy:

  • Ferrous Metals
  • Mild steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Wrought iron, etc.
  • Non-ferrous Metals
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Zinc, etc.

First of all, the collected metals are sorted out depending upon their type, composition, and condition. After that, we perform different metallurgical processes before it’s recycled. The scrap metal recycling process at A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers takes place in an environmental-friendly way. We make sure no foul gases or toxic substances are produced during the process. The recycled products also carry the same amount of strength, ductility, and other metallic properties. It will never be inferior to virgin metals.

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Simple, quick, and hassle-free removal of scrap metals and paying top dollar cash for it is our specialty. Valuing the customers and working around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction is our goal. While working, we may have impressed many and disappointed a few. Here are some of the reviews of our customers regarding the services of A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers.