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Scrap Metal Recycling

Metal has been an integral part of a human’s lifestyle. It comes in people’s lives in one form or another. And it comes in a different form. From a kitchen life to exercising equipment, we come across various objects in our daily life, which have metal in them. As metal reinforces the object and makes it sturdy, its use is boundless. So it won’t be a surprise if you find plentiful metallic items in your residential area. We residential scrap metal disposal and scrap metal recycling service, which will make sure of it.

But despite being sturdy, these items are not actually indestructible. They get bent and disfigured due to prolonged use. Some even break if there is extreme tension. And some of them get rusty in the presence of moisture. In that situation, you don’t have to throw it away. Instead, you can earn a good sum of money.

Best Scrap Metal Prices in Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong

When it comes to getting rid of household scrap metals, A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers is the best place you can go. We are the most trusted scrap metal buyers in New South Wales NSW. We not just accept your scrap metal but pay a huge sum of money in the process. So in addition to getting your rusty junk and scrap metals removed from your home, you can fatten your wallet. We are one of the generous ones in the business and pay the best price for scrap metals.

Currently, we are providing our services in Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, and Hunter Region. So if you live in any of these regions and have scrap metals in your possession, you can get rid of them through us. We will load your wallet with a thick wad of cash and assuring the safe disposal of the junk. We accept all kinds of domestic metals irrespective of their type and condition and without giving a second thought to their size.

Be it small household goods and batteries to a big metallic structure like in an automobile, we are okay with either of them. So from the lid of a jar to big and chunky cars, we are your safe bet to get rid of it.

This means our service accepts but not limited to the following items:

  • Auto wheels
  • Aluminum ladders
  • Electronic waste
  • Siding & gutters
  • Screens/Doors (no glass)
  • Awnings
  • Cast BBQ grills
  • Bicycles
  • Lawn furniture
  • White goods
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Washing machines
  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Old exercise equipment
  • Metal-based appliances
  • And more

Scrap Metal Recycling Process:

The real motive behind our service is to recycle your scrap metal and turn it into an object of different shapes and sizes. As recycling scrap metal and reusing them reduces the direct dependence of ores and the use of other resources, it reduces the depletion of natural resources. As we carry out eco-friendly scrap metal recycling, no foul gases or substances are released to the environment. So it serves a good purpose in many ways. Our disposal process includes mainly three steps:

Scrap metal removal

Scrap metals are rarely picked by municipal trash or other waste disposal services. When you have scrap metal at your place, it can be a pain in the neck. However, to make things easier for you, we are providing scrap metal removal services. If you have big chunks of scrap metals, we can come to your doorstep to get them removed. But if your scrap metals are small in size, you will have to bring them to us for safe disposal.


Leaving scrap metal in a landfill will not do any good. Instead of getting disposed of like organic matters, it stays there forever instead of getting decomposed. So the disposal of metal is not actually an easy phenomenon. However, we can process it to use in other forms and for that processing of scrap metals is a must. For that, we perform various metallurgical processes.

Firstly, the metals we squeeze and squash the metals using machines so that they do not occupy much space in the conveyor belt. We then break down such squeezed metals into tiny pieces or sheets. In doing so, it becomes easier for further processing. These small broken pieces do not require much energy during melting. So the melting process can be really efficient.

Melting, Purification, and Molding:

The shredded metallic dust is then melted and purified. Once a pure metal is obtained, it’s solidified and molded into a required shape.

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Free Scrap Metal Pick up: In a Safe and Hassle-free Way

Easy and safe removal of domestic scrap metal already sounds like an amazing deal. On top of that, you will also get top dollar cash for scrap metal. This has made working with us lucrative in many ways. So why bring a second thought and waste time and this opportunity? Just bring your scrap metal to us and we will give a noteworthy sum of money in no time.

If you have scrap metals in a large quantity, contact us to get them removed and we will be there at your doorstep right away. For those who have a bulk of those, we can even ensure you a free scrap metal pick up. And with our free scrap car removal service, you can further save some more time and money.

So if you are willing to sell your scrap metal, just dial us at 0401784792 or send us a quick email at info@a1scrapmetalrecyclers.com.au. After that, getting cash for your scrap metal is just a matter of minutes.

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