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Want to get rid of unwanted scrap metal sitting around your homes? It can be a challenge for an individual to have large quantities of scrap metal to transport to the yard. The Free Scrap Metal Collection near me makes sure that you are not left with unsightly waste around your house.

We offer free scrap metal pick up services and collect the scrap from your commercial, residential or industrial properties and clean up your property as soon as possible. We also make sure that metal wastes are appropriately disposed of or not as scrap metal disposal is also included in our services.

A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers offer comprehensive scrap metal collection services across Sydney, NSW. We offer scrap metal recycling in Sydney for homeowners and businesses in and around Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, and the Hunter Region of New South Wales. Our reliable and reputable removal services make up the best choice for scrap metal pick up in the Sydney area.

We are dedicated to providing the best service by collecting every piece of ferrous and non-ferrous metals we can and giving you an accurate quotation on its cash value as quickly as possible.

Importance of Scrap Metal Collection

We are known for quick and reliable scrap metal collection services in the Sydney region. We have the best and most dependable team of metal collection professionals. The metal waste from brass, bronze, aluminium, copper and other mixed metals are scrap metals and get easily collected on both private and public properties over time.

The proper and safe disposal of scrap metals is very necessary for achieving sustainability standards. We are specialized in collecting and disposing of scrap metal safely and responsibly. We strive to handle, manage, remove and dispose of all scrap metals effectively.

Our Approach to Scrap Metal Collection near me in Sydney

We have many years of experience in handling and recycling metal scrap in Sydney. We are the top leading professionals in scrap metal collecting and recycling in the city. We offer a free scrap metal pick up service and help you get rid of any type of metal waste.

A1 Scrap metal recyclers will take all your unwanted scrap metal and help you maintain your property clean, safe and comfortable. Don’t wait a long for your scrap metal collection, we offer same day service for all removal, recycling and disposal works.

Benefits of Hiring Our Scrap Metal Collection Services

If you are looking for a proven and trusted scrap metal collection service in the Sydney area, then choose A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers to get these benefits.


Scrap metal collection services pay a decent amount for the metal we collect from your place. Our customers are left with some cash in their hands for their unwanted scrap metals or rubbish removal.

Regular Scrap metal collection

We offer regular scrap metal collection services to our customers and love serving our customers. We are well equipped to collect unwanted scrap metal safely and responsibly. We offer one-off and periodic scrap collection based on your requirements and leave you with some cash.

Environment Friendly

A1 Scrap Metal Recyclers recycle the scrap metals and find a protective way to make something new. Recycling is not only beneficial for our environment but also helps to meet sustainability objectives.

Waste Management

We know how to handle hazardous waste metals. We accept hazardous waste as a part of scrap metal collections in line with existing laws. As a leading scrap metal collection near me, we have the relevant licenses for collection services.

Your One-Stop Destination for Metal Scrap Collection

We facilitate everything from collection services to the recycling of scrap metals. If you are looking for a professional collector who can deal with the collection or recycling of scrap metals, then count us in. We have a fleet of trucks that will come to your place to collect the scrap metal.

We offer fast, regular and cost-effective removal services and offer you the best scrap metal prices. We collect scrap metals from your houses and sort the items that are recyclable and reusable. These sorted items are then processed and recycled to make new products that can be used again and again.

We are dedicated to protecting our environment and staying connected to satisfy our customers with the help of our skilled and experienced scrap metal collectors. Registered and reliable, we are your go-to A1 Scrap metal recyclers in Sydney that keep their promise.

Do you know where your scrap metal will go?

We collect the scrap metals from every corner of the city, bring all your old scrap metals to a scrapyard, sort all the recyclable metals, and then repurpose and dispose of all those unwanted scraps in an eco-friendly way. In recycling plants, things like rubber, plastic, wood, etc. are removed from the scrap metal before it starts melting down.

Book a Scrap Metal Collection Service Today

We offer flexible and efficient collection services and deal with scrap metal collections and safe disposal. We are scrap metal collectors and our prime objective is to protect our environment. We know all the scrap metals either ferrous or non-ferrous have some sort of recycling value and we also pay for the scrap we collect from houses.

If you are looking for a metal collection service then you have landed on the right page. We accept a wide range of metals from copper to aluminium and tin. Our scrap metal collection services collect old iron, steel brass, aluminium coppers, damaged alloy wheels, batteries, air conditioning units, appliances and many more. We also offer free collection services across Sydney.